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Analog libraries and cells

Microdesign has been involved into development of analog libraries and blocks since 2003. Some kinds of analog blocks for certain projects have been designed since 1998.

Analog libraries consist of the following items: analog-digital converters (ADC), digital-analog converters (DAC), bandgaps, operational amplifiers (OPAmps), comparators, oscillators, DC/DC converters and non-standard analog cells and blocks.

Development of analog libraries is implemented in the Cadence environment. Each cell is simulated in all parameters with parasitic capacitors, and after the silicon realization it is submitted to characterization by all the parameters.

Analog libraries contain all the necessary information for development of analog and analog-digital chips in various design systems with a top accuracy level. The company guarantees to the customers the successful results starting from the first technological run.

Now our analog designers are ongoing to develop new 0.18 um Analog library for X-FAB Design Kit.

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